County Coalitions

County Coalitions Are Not MACo Committees

MACo Committees are not to be confused with the County Coalitions. Most of the Coalitions have articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State’s Office and bylaws by which they abide.

Even though the coalitions were organized and operate outside of MACo, we have historically offered space at our conferences for them to convene for cost-saving purposes. County Coalitions include (but are not limited to) the following:

But What About the Urban Counties?

The Urban Counties Coalition IS a MACo construct, as per the bylaws (confusing, we know):

The Urban County Representative holds a seat on MACo’s Executive Committee and is filled by appointment by the President subject to a recommendation made by a majority of the Urban Counties.

A county having a taxable value of over $50,000,000 and a population of over 35,000 shall be designated as an Urban County. The Urban County Representative shall consult with, counsel, and advise the President. The current Urban County Representative shall call a caucus of the Urban Counties during the annual conference for the purpose of selecting an Urban County Representative.