We Are the Voice of Montana’s Counties

One of MACo’s core functions is to advocate for Montana’s Counties. Below are legislative resources to keep you on top of what’s happening on the hill.

Upcoming Interim Committee Meetings

View the and watch the upcoming legislative Interim Committee meetings for the 2019-2020 Interim.

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MACo Legislation

View details on the legislation that the MACo membership brought forward and staff is shepherding through the session.

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MACo Committees

Our committees have the important duty of helping to set policy for the organization, which helps guide MACo Staff on legislative matters during the Session and the Interim.

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Find a Bill

Use the LAWS database to find bills, fiscal notes, votes, journals, minutes, hearing and floor schedules, and agendas. It’s easy!

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MACo Resolutions & Policy Statements

View the policies that have received our members’ endorsement and present the overall consensus of the MACo membership.

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MACo Legislative Updates

Every issue features updates on MACo bills and the bills we’re watching as well as an weekly-updated session calendar, and more.

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