MACo’s Resolutions & Legislative Committee reviews all resolutions that go through our legislative process and assigns them to committees for initial membership vetting. This committee also focuses on elections, administration, and other important functions required to effectively manage the services counties provide.

Committee Policy Statements

Committee policy statements are a compilation of various issues and/or beliefs, which members have identified as major concerns and goals of county government. A “policy statement” provides guidance to staff, legislators, and the public on MACo’s position regarding possible legislation and/or issues that may arise during a legislative session and/or the Interim.

Resolutions & Legislative Committee Policy Statements

MACo’s basic objective is to strengthen county government in order to effectively manage the services they provide. County government is a subdivision of the state government with legislative, judicial, and administrative powers.  Counties have the specific responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of county citizens through programs and services funded and provided at the local level.  Such essential services must be controlled at the local level to fit the needs unique to each county.

  1. MACo believes that cooperation and coordination among various agencies and branches of government is essential.
  2. MACo supports efforts to coordinate services and develop methods to jointly administer programs. Counties must participate in the decision-making process whenever state mandates are proposed.
  3. MACo supports legislation to fund the ongoing maintenance of the voter database system and/or election equipment funded through the Secretary of State either from the Montana general fund or federal pass-through funds.
  4. MACo supports efforts to adopt a statewide system of vote-by-mail elections and allowing counties to conduct federal elections by mail ballot.
  5. MACo believes that county government authority under state law should be liberally construed, with county government having the authority to perform activities not specifically prohibited under state law for the purpose of protecting the health, welfare and safety of county residents.
  6. MACo encourages legislation that would provide for the creative use of contracting for services as a way to provide selected programs at the local level.
  7. MACo opposes any legislative consideration to mandate county reorganization and/or consolidation in light of existing statutory authority for local citizens to undertake, by petition, county reorganization and/or consolidation.
  8. MACo supports the inclusion of county election administrators, clerk & recorders, and local government officials in reviewing and choosing new elections equipment and voter database systems.

Committee Members

  • Doug Martens, Chair – 1st VP – Energy Chair, Rosebud County Commissioner
  • Jason Strouf, Vice Chair – 2nd VP, Custer County Commissioner
  • Bill Barron, Past President, Lake County Commissioner
  • Nicole Borner, Comm. & Econ. Development Chair, Musselshell County Commissioner
  • Joe Briggs, Past President, Cascade County Commissioner
  • Randy Brodehl, At-Large, Flathead County Commissioner
  • Carol Brooker, Past President, Sanders County Commissioner
  • Jeff Burrows, Land Use & Development Chair, Ravalli County Commissioner
  • Greg Chilcott, Past President – Public Lands Chair, Ravalli County Commissioner
  • Todd Devlin, Past President, Prairie County Commissioner
  • Shane Gorder, President, Richland County Commissioner
  • Jim Hart, Immediate Past President, Madison County Commissioner
  • Larry Hendrickson, Agriculture Chair, Liberty County Commissioner
  • Don Jones, At-Large, Yellowstone County Commissioner
  • Mike McGinley, Past President – Tax, Budget & Finance Chair, Beaverhead County Commissioner
  • Bob Mullen, Past President, Jefferson County Commissioner
  • Laura Obert, Justice & Public Safety Chair, Broadwater County Commissioner
  • John Ostlund, Past President – Transportation Chair, Yellowstone County Commissioner
  • Denis Pitman, Urban Counties Representative, Yellowstone County Commissioner
  • Lee Randall, At-Large, Powder River County Commissioner
  • Roy Rost, At-Large, Fallon County Commissioner
  • Don Seifert, At-Large, Gallatin County Commissioner
  • Carl Seilstad, Past President – Health & Human Services Chair, Fergus County Commissioner
  • Juanita Vero, At-Large, Missoula County Commissioner
  • Maureen Wicks, At-Large, Liberty County Commissioner
  • Roman Zylawy, At-Large, Mineral County Commissioner