MACo’s Transportation Committee focuses on researching costs and investigating new methods and ideas for providing improved and economical transportation for the public.

Committee Policy Statements

Committee policy statements are a compilation of various issues and/or beliefs, which members have identified as major concerns and goals of county government. A “policy statement” provides guidance to staff, legislators, and the public on MACo’s position regarding possible legislation and/or issues that may arise during a legislative session and/or the Interim.

Transportation Committee Policy Statements

  1. MACo promotes, offers suggestions and new ideas, investigates methods, and researches costs of providing improved and economical transportation for the public.
  2. MACo coordinates transportation planning for all units of local government.
  3. MACo consciously uses and plans county roads as tools to encourage proper land use to include a primary focus on farm-to-market activities. The location of roads is a major factor in the pattern of controlled land development. Carefully planned road locations and reconstruction may promote proper land use as well as economic efficiencies in the use of limited transportation funds.
  4. MACo urges legislation or policy aimed at placing disposition of road funds at the county level.
  5. MACo works with individual counties to develop road and bridge standards applicable to the county situation.
  6. MACo works with the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) on the maintenance responsibilities.
  7. MACo supports legislation to secure state and federal assistance in the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges used for recreational purposes or for access to public lands while granting counties greater discretion in determining road status and funding priorities.
  8. MACo maintains uniform procedures for posting private land. Such posting procedures are warranted due to their applicability to gas tax revenue determination.
  9. MACo supports any state effort on behalf of infrastructure funding.
  10. MACo supports the traditional role of the Local Technical Assistance Program at MSU to provide technical assistance, safety and operator training, and risk management to local government employees across the state and opposes diverting LTAP resources to grant writing and research, believing such diversions will weaken the level of services provided to Local Governments.
  11. MACo supports airport infrastructure funding that addresses the needs of both primary and non-primary airports due to the economic importance of a strong system of airports.
  12. MACo supports the reasonable development and long-term availability of sites for public source materials for use in public projects.

Guidelines for Selection and Development of Pavement
Treatments on the Secondary Road System

System Responsibility

MDT assumes responsibility for all paved roads on the approved Secondary System.  Responsibilities include:

  • Day-to-day maintenance of paved surface and its appurtenances;
  • Pavement preservation;
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction;
  • Plowing and sanding (county and state partnership); and
  • Counties will maintain gravel surfaces.

(These guidelines for secondary roads were implemented under SB 333, 1999 Session of Montana Legislature.)

Committee Members

  • John Ostlund, Co-chair, Yellowstone County Commissioner
  • Richard Dunbar, Co-chair, Phillips County Commissioner
  • Ruth Baue, Treasure County Commissioner
  • John Bolstad, Sheridan County Commissioner
  • Jerry Collins, Garfield County Commissioner
  • Tony Cox, Sanders County Commissioner
  • Doug Crachy, Powell County Commissioner
  • Frank DePriest, Blaine County Commissioner
  • Darrel Folkvord, Broadwater County Commissioner
  • Keith Holmlund, Custer County Commissioner
  • Jim Larson, Cascade County Commissioner
  • Gary Macdonald, Roosevelt County Commissioner
  • Jim McCormick, Lewis & Clark County Commissioner
  • James Moos, McCone County Commissioner
  • John Olson, Powder River County Commissioner
  • George Real Bird III, Big Horn County Commissioner
  • Roy Rost, Fallon County Commissioner
  • David Strohmaier, Missoula County Commissioner
  • Larry Vandersloot, Big Horn County Commissioner
  • Loren Young, Richland County Commissioner
  • John Anderson, MT Association of Road Supervisors Rep., Fergus County
  • Andy Dean, MT Association of Road Supervisors Rep., Yellowstone County
  • Karen Laitala, MT Weed Control Association Rep., Powell County