What Are Policy Statements?

A “Policy Statement” is a statement regarding an issue and/or belief, which members have identified as major concerns and goals of county government. These statements provide guidance to staff, legislators, and the public on MACo’s position regarding possible legislation and/or issues that may arise during a legislative session and/or the Interim.

MACo commitees have the important duty of helping to set policy for the organization. The members of MACo’s ten Policy Committees manage the policy statements, which are vetted on a yearly basis and adopted by the membership prior to every legislative session.  MACo then compiles the updated policy statements and resolutions into our Policy Booklet.

Our legislative process is structured around the participation and involvement of all member counties. Our policies and resolutions receive the members’ endorsement at our conferences; they present the overall consensus of the MACo membership.

The Montana Association of Counties is one of the oldest organizations in Montana. Organized in 1909, MACo today works to anticipate rapidly changing and complex challenges facing Montana’s 56 county governments. MACo’s mission is to enhance the public service mission of counties by promoting integrity and providing proactive leadership while acknowledging and respecting Montana’s diversity.

MACo staff provides county elected officials with research, training, and technical support and services, monitors legislation and works with state agencies in helping shape public policy.

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