Pertinent Resources, Downloads, Links & Templates

BEAD 5-Year Action Plan Resources
  • Guidance
    Guidance on what to include in the Five-Year Action Plan to meet the 13 NOFO requirements
  • Template
    Optional template to support each Eligible Entity in capturing notes and developing its BEAD 5YAP.
  • Crosswalk
    Eligible Entities that have an existing broadband plan that has been completed in the last 12 months from the date of receipt of Initial Planning Funds should provide an index, crosswalk, or similar document that allows the reader to locate content relevant to the requirements of the NOFO. This document is a sample crosswalk outlining how Eligible Entities may show alignment between their existing broadband plans and the NOFO requirements.
  • BEAD/DE Alignment Guide
    Guidance on how the BEAD and State Digital Equity Plan requirements work together and how to coordinate activities for both programs.
  • Workforce Planning Guide
    Guide to assist states/eligible entities in responding to the requirement to development a workforce plan that will meet the needs of the BEAD program.
Permitting & Environmental Review
  • Permitting Best Practices: Case Studies
    Case studies and examples of streamlining permitting including Broadband Ready Communities, E-Permitting, and Rights-of-Way (ROW).
  • Permitting Needs Assessment
    Checklist for four major permitting categories including ROW, Pole Attachments, Conduit Access, and Environment Planning/Historic Preservation.
  • NEPA Review: Categorical Exclusions
    Guidance on NEPA analysis as it relates to categorical exclusions (CATEXs) including the definition, the CATEX review process, CATEX qualifications, and a link to the DOC CATEX list.
  • NEPA Review: Environmental Assessments
    Guidance on NEPA analysis as it relates to environmental assessments including the definition, preparation steps, best practices, and the review process.

Digital Equity Plan Resources

  • Digital Equity Outcomes and Impacts
    This resource highlights the digital equity outcomes as listed in the DE Planning Grant NOFO: health, essential services, employment, civic participation, and education, and connects these outcomes with broadband and digital inclusion statistics as well as stories from individuals experiencing digital inequities.
  • Digital Equity in Tribal Communities
    This guide shares effective digital inclusion practices in Tribal communities as well as stories sharing the impact of high-speed Internet for two Tribal nations.
  • How to Prepare for State Broadband Office Engagement
    This is a guide for local and community stakeholders looking to contribute to State Digital Equity and BEAD planning efforts.
  • How to Engage With Libraries for SBOs
    This resource is intended to help State and Territory broadband offices engage with libraries and describes some of the ways libraries can contribute to our DEA Grant Programs and the BEAD program.