SB 35 (2019), Generally Revise School Safety Laws – MCA 52-2-211

Commission Responsibilities & Sample Letter

County or Regional interdisciplinary child information and school safety teams existed prior to the enactment of SB SB 35, Generally revise school safety laws (2019). The purpose for forming the team is to ensure the timely exchange and sharing information that one or more team members may be able to use in serving a child in the course of their professions and occupations, including but not limited to abused or neglected children, delinquent youth, and youth in need of intervention, and of information relating to issues of school safety.

SB 35 Purposes

  1. Allows for regional teams to be formed which may be beneficial to our more rural areas where expertise in dealing with troubled youth;
  2. Changes notification requirements previously required;
  3. Grants the County Commission the authority over the appointment of the teams.


  1. Determine if a regional team (not required) is in the best interest of your county and if so engage with neighboring county commissioners. If not, you still must form a county team.
    • If you form a regional team it must be formalized by written agreement between the participating counties. 52-2-211 (2);
  1. Request (with deadline) authorized designees from the following (sample letter attached):
    • Youth Court
    • County Attorney
    • Department of Public Health and Human Services
    • County Superintendent of Schools
    • Sheriff
    • Chief of Any Police Force
    • Any Board of Trustees of a Public School District Operating within the Boundaries of the County
    • Department of Corrections
  1. Upon receipt of authorized designee names from any of the entities listed in 2, the Board of Commissioners shall formally appoint the county (or regional) Interdisciplinary Child Information and School Safety Team.
    • Recommend the team appointments be placed in the official minutes and the documentation of the authorized designees retained in file.


  1. Request to agencies for designees sent out in June. Responses due back by July 1.
  2. Appoint the Team in July.
  3. Notify the agencies of the appointees.

*If the team is going to create (optional-may be created) a written agreement to provide for the rules under which it will operate, the method by which information will be shared, distributed, and managed, and any other matters necessary to the purpose and functions of the team it must be submitted to the Office of Public Instruction by the County Superintendent of Schools by September 1.


This is intended to provide general guidance and is not to be construed as legal advice.  Please consult your County Attorney for legal interpretation of the statute and its requirements.