Published November 14, 2019

MACo Claims Workers’ Compensation Trust is now the Injury Assistance Team

We’ve rebranded the workers’ compensation claims unit and are now the Injury Assistance Team. The goal of rebranding is to set ourselves apart from the standard workers’ compensation adjuster. Our focus is to assist the injured employee in returning to health and work activities. Brochures on the focus of the program & get well cards will be sent to the injured employee after a claim is filed. We will work with the employee, member county, healthcare professionals in assisting the employee back to normal activities.

It is a well known fact that the sooner an employee can return to work, the faster the healing time. We are here to help and to guide the worker through the entire process.

Your Injury Assistance Team

  • Wendy Sesselman/Injury Assistance Supervisor
  • Chris Holling/Injury Assistance Specialist
  • Carol Gleed/Injury Assistance Specialist
  • Karyn Shirilla/Injury Assistance Analyst
  • or call 406-442-1178
MACo Injury Assistance Team  |  |  (406) 442-1178