Published October 29, 2020
Doug Martens, MACo President, Rosebud County Commissioner

2020-2021 MACo President,
Doug Martens, Rosebud County Commissioner

Greetings to All of MACo,

My name is Doug Martens, and I was recently elected as your new MACo President—it was certainly a different process due to the COVID restrictions. I look forward to the years ahead and am honored to serve in this organization.

Here is a little about myself: I have been a Commissioner in Rosebud County for ten years. I also farm and ranch, which I have done most of my life. I have two kids with my wife, Jenell: Dusty and Kordelle. Kordell is married to Ty, and they gave us two grandkids: Sawyer and Finley. They all live close, and we spend a lot of our time together. Our family recently leased the neighbors place to grow our cattle operation.

Before becoming a Commissioner, I worked as the fire warden, and I also served as the President of the Montana Fire Wardens Association. A few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting with MACo President Carl Seilstad about some legislative issues. I was so nervous that I introduced myself as the president of MACo. Carl laughed and said “maybe someday, but not yet.” Ironically, it was Carl who nominated me for 2nd Vice President.

MACo has begun working on a few legislative issues, and I am certain it will pick up after the election. We still don’t know what the session is going to look like, but I am excited to get into it and do what we can for the counties.

I know it has been a tough year for all of us with the virus, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away soon. However, we will get through it, and we will be able to meet in person at some point.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and feel free to contact me about anything anytime.

Doug Martens
MACo President
Rosebud County Commissioner

Doug Martens  |  MACo President & Rosebud County Commissioner  |   |  (406) 346-2251