Published October 27, 2020

MACo President, Commissioner Doug Martens, will soon be making MACo committee appointments for the upcoming year, and we need your help.  If you’re interested in serving, don’t forget to submit your commissioner bio form.

What is a MACo Committee?

MACo’s Committees are essential to our Association’s operation. They represent the interests of the members, set policy for the organization, and guide MACo Staff on legislative matters.

That’s Nice, So Why Would I Want to Be a Committee Member?

Glad you asked! We have at least three good reasons to serve:
  1. Being a committee member gets your feet wet: It’s a great way to get involved in MACo, network, cultivate ideas, and build camaraderie around the state. If you’re feeling the itch for a leadership role within MACo, like District Chair, Urban County Rep, Fiscal Officer, and/or President, becoming a committee member and learning more about our processes is the perfect place to start.
  2. Make a difference in Montana laws: Committees dig deep into legislative proposals brought forward by member counties as well as initiate potential legislation of their own. They also create and manage policies that guide staff on other legislation and legislative issues.
  3. It’s enjoyable! The committees convene a minimum of twice a year at our Annual and Midwinter Conferences. So not only is being a member an amazing service and leadership opportunity, it’s also fun, and we need several somebodies to do it!
One of Our 11 Committees is Sure to Pique Your Interests

MACo has 11 committees–10 of which are policy committees–and we’re sure one of them will interest you:

  • Agriculture Committee
  • Community, Economic Development & Labor Committee
  • Conference Planning Committee (Not a Policy Committee)
  • Energy Committee
  • Health & Human Services Committee
  • Justice & Public Safety Committee
  • Land Use, Planning & Development Committee
  • Public Lands Committee
  • Resolutions & Legislative Committee
  • Tax, Budget & Finance Committee
  • Transportation Committee

Sounds Awesome! How Do I Get My Name On the List?

Committee appointments are based on your preferences as indicated on our commissioner bio form. So if you’re interested in serving, please fill out the form linked below by November 11th. Forms MUST be submitted by November 11th for consideration.

Appointment Process

President Martens, along with the assistance of the MACo Executive Committee and others, will be working to complete the appointments to MACo Committees prior to when they convene next at the Midwinter Conference, February 22-25, 2021. If appointed, you will be notified of your posting prior to February.

Reminder: Biography forms must be completed by November 11th for consideration, so MACo staff can download and format the data for review.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to serve the Association and the membership.

Questions? We Got You!

Call or email Shantil, Jason, or Eric, and we’ll get you the answers you seek:

  • Shantil Siaperas, MACo Communications Director (The “Committee Extraordinaire”): 406-925-1134,
  • Jason Rittal, MACo Deputy Director (The “Committee Guru”): 406- 698-3255,
  • Eric Bryson, MACo Executive Director (The “Man With the Plan & Knows Committee Stuff Too”): 406-461-2084,