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Published September 1, 2022

Fellow Commissioners,

Commissioner Joette Woods, Liberty County

Commissioner Joette Woods, Liberty County

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Joette Woods. I am in my sixth year as a Liberty County Commissioner and looking forward to another term. I have met most of you in person, however, some of you are new.

I would like to announce that I am running for 2nd Vice President of MACo coming up at the Annual Conference. Some qualities I feel I possess are; hardworking, teachable, common sense, conservative, and faith based. I currently serve on two MACo committees:

  1. Co-chair Health & Human Services; and
  2. Serve as a member on Justice & Public Safety.

I am also honored to serve at a national level on the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Steering Committee for NACo.

Why did I become a commissioner? The answer is simple: I have served voluntarily on a local community level as an EMT for the last 18 years, volunteered at our local blood drives, proudly served as an election judge, and worked at our local food bank (just to name a few). When the opportunity to serve as a commissioner came about, I felt called to step up and serve on a county level. I still continue to volunteer wherever I can.

Some things I stand for: I believe family comes first. I believe in law enforcement and justice. I believe in doing the right thing even when it’s not popular. I believe our health system is undervalued and anyone needing medical treatment should have access to it. There is no place for politics in health care. I believe in this country and State being energy independent.

What I’ve learned as a commissioner: The items that cross your desk, may or may not pertain to the commission. I have learned that the most important road is the road of whoever is currently in the office complaining about theirs at the time. I have learned to answer most conversations with “here’s what’s not going to happen.” I have learned that the wisdom I glean from conferences I attend is not all my own; however, I use it anyway giving credit where credit is due. I have learned that the best possible outcome, in any given situation, is to simply take time to think things through and do my best to make an educated decision.

Ultimately, the responsibility commissioners have to their county when they take office is integral to our local and State patrons. We are their voice. We are their advocates. We are their hands and feet. The decisions we make every day affect the people in our communities and their confidence in us as elected officials.

What will I add as the 2nd Vice President? I will put Montana first. I will commit to being the best representative I can be for all Montana counties. I will be committed to the appointment.

I would appreciate your vote in at the Annual Conference in Billings.


Joette Woods,
Liberty County Commissioner

Commissioner Joette Woods  |  Liberty County |  |  (406) 759-5365