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 Updated March 27, 2023 (Published January 4, 2021)

MACo is pleased to announce a new cybersecurity initiative being offered to our membership and introduce Karli King as the Program Coordinator. In order to launch this member benefit we have obtained grant funding through the Montana Disaster and Emergency Services.

Services Available Include

Online Cybersecurity Training:  We are excited to provide this free online cybersecurity training program to our membership and their employees. We can provide both initial cybersecurity training as well as ongoing training to those who enroll in the program. Another component to this online training program is the ability to conduct routine cybersecurity tests to help assess your employees’ understanding of threats and how to respond. You can view your county’s overall training progress though reports available to you online. It is our hope to provide this training to all members and their staff over the next few months. (register below)

Cybersecurity Assessment:  This is a free targeted assessment to evaluate your cybersecurity readiness. These results will be shared with your county alone and will be used as the starting point to provide you with ideas and tools moving forward to reduce your cybersecurity risk exposure. (register below)

Cybersecurity Policy Development:  Policy templates will be provided to counties as a base for creating customized county policies to address cybersecurity.

What do you need to do to participate?

Well, first just let us know by contacting Karli directly!

Karli King
MACo Information Technology (IT) Manager

Once we have identified those counties who wish to participate, we will begin scheduling brief welcome meetings (virtual) to discuss next steps. These meetings will assist you in understanding the level of effort expected to complete each of the offerings above.

Please Note: By participating in this program and taking these incremental steps toward cybersecurity readiness we also reduce our cybersecurity risks and associated insurance claims.

Register for Training & NIST Assessment
Cybersecurity Training (P II)Cybersecurity Assessment (NIST)
Karli King| MACo Information Technology (IT) Manager | 406.441.5484 |