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Published October 20, 2022


Bipartisan Panel of Montana’s Election Experts Determine that Montana’s Elections are Secure & Aim to Help Inform the Public as well as Strengthen Election Laws


Helena, MT – An independent bipartisan panel, convened to identify and answer common questions about Montana election processes and election integrity and security, has released a six-part document and associated website aimed at educating the voting public and dispelling myths.

The Montana Election Processes Workgroup—composed of Election Administrators, representatives from the Secretary of State’s Office as well as the Commissioner of Political Practices Office, the Montana Association of Counties, as well as legislators from both sides of the aisle—collaborated on the research, development, and production of the document and website: “Elections in Montana” available electronically on  Both are organized in a series of questions and answers and broken into six categories.

The workgroup’s goal throughout the process has been to dig into Montana’s election processes and deliver a product to the voting public regarding the processes. The group reviewed current election law and rules, learned about the audit process, met with election tabulating manufacturer representatives, and looked at the machines themselves.

After reviewing and discussing the ins-and-outs of Montana’s elections, the group decided to assure the voting public that Montana’s elections are secure as well as bring legislation regarding audits, criminalize the tampering with election machines and records, add a third-party review of election machines, and place in statute what is already in rule, that external communication devices and modems are not allowed.

Given the importance of the subject and the amount of information available, the group also determined that it would be beneficial to share with the voting public in one location important facts about the registration process, voting in person and via absentee, how ballots are handled and counted, where to find voter and candidate information, and who to contact with questions or concerns. In addition, links to state and local election websites, reports, forms, and calendars enrich the narrative, and links to relevant state laws and rules provide readers with the foundation on which election processes are based and penalties for violating requirements.

Workgroup members expect that their efforts will enhance Montana voters’ awareness of how their ballots transition from “voted” to “counted”, as well as instill confidence in the systems, processes, and people entrusted with safeguarding one of Americans’ most revered and fundamental rights.

Visit, the “Vote Ready” section of the Montana Secretary of State’s website, and/or the “Latest Developments,” portion of the Commissioner of Political Practices website to access the Elections in Montana series, and vote with confidence in Montana.


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