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Published July 12, 2022

MACo and the DNRC have been working together to find an easier path for Montana’s counties in regard to ensuring the expenditure of the HB 632 minimum allocation grant (MAG) funds within the counties for which they were designated. Through these efforts, MACo developed a template resolutionreviewed and approved by DNRC–that a county can use to “give” the allocation to another eligible local government entity within the county, i.e. city/town/district.

What Does This Mean?

If a county has not yet requested their MAG funds and would like to transfer their allocation to another eligible entity within their jurisdiction (with an eligible project), the county can (and absolutely should) complete the template resolution (linked below) in coordination with the entity/entities. Because the resolution confirms that the county has designated the MAG funds to them, the entity will be able to apply for the funding directly, and the county will be disconnected from the application and pass-through of funds.

Important Information Regarding This Process

  1. DNRC requests that the language in the draft resolution remain unedited–please simply insert the required information in the provided fields.
  2. To process applications for a county’s MAG funds, an eligible local government would need to provide a copy of the executed resolution and a Budget Table 2 that clearly identifies the MAG funds from each entity. Match requirements would be calculated by each entity’s contribution

What if a County Wants to Designate Funding for Multiple Entities?

A county may split the funds and designate certain amounts to multiple entities IF the entities are eligible and have eligible projects. ALSO, the aggregate of the sub-allocations must not exceed the county’s total HB 632 minimum allocation.

What if a County has Already Applied on Behalf of Another Entity & are Acting as a Pass-through?

The process is a little more complicated. DNRC has asked for those entities to reach out to them to work through options for simplification.

Important Final Note

With a fall deadline for the approval of all minimum allocation grants rapidly approaching, time is of the essence. Any remaining MAG funding that doesn’t have a home will be reverted to the competitive pot. This means potentially less dollars in your communities.

We know this process is new and deadlines are tight, so please reach out to MACo or DNRC as soon as possible if you need assistance or have questions. The contacts with phone numbers and emails are listed below.

MACo & DNRC Contacts

Autumn Coleman  |  Bureau Chief |  |  (406) 444-6687
Michelle McNamee  |  ARPA Program Manager |
Jason Rittal  |  Deputy Director |  |  (406) 698-3255