MACo Risk Sharing Services

Risk sharing is a cost-effective alternative for insurance benefits for counties and county-related boards and districts. By pooling the risk of a severe financial loss over a larger population, premiums are generally more stable, limiting the broad fluctuations that an individual county or district might otherwise experience. Below are the trusted services offered by MACo.

Health Care Trust

The MACo HCT is self-insured risk sharing pool that provides a cost-effective alternative for health insurance benefits for counties and county-related boards and districts.  Plan services such as enrollment, risk control, and wellness programs are tailored to the needs of county members.

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Property & Casualty Trust

The MACo PCT is a self-insured risk sharing pool that combines multiple lines of coverage provided by a manuscripted policy specifically designed to meet the coverage and service needs for Montana Counties and Special Districts.

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General Counsel Services

Access various resources including sample documents related to employee conduct and corrective discipline, as well as important information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and more.

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Workers' Compensation Safety Group

Effective July 1, 2020 the MACo Workers’ Compensation Trust Board of Trustees ceased issuing workers’ compensation policies. Through a partnership with Seitz Insurance and Montana State Fund, the MACo Workers’ Compensation Safety Group was formed. All MACo members have the option to join this closed group. Joining the MACo sponsored Safety Group allows our members to be eligible for additional cost savings through a retrospective return of premium; this additional benefit is exclusive to the MACo Safety Group members and is dependent on the performance of the group. For more information, please contact Shannon Chamberlain at