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Published July 5, 2023

2023 Changes to Exemptions from Subdivision Review

MACo and the Montana League of Cities & Towns (MLCT) provide Montana’s counties and cities with land use training and updates regarding recent land use changes in Montana Law.

In this video Kelly Lynch from Montana League of Cities and Towns and Tara DePuy and Karen Alley from the Montana Association of Counties review changes to exemptions from subdivision review, including the family transfer and condominium/townhome exemptions. They also introduce the new timelines for reviewing subdivision exemptions and the increased review fee.

If you missed this training and would like to see what happened or listen to the dialogue, a recording of the meeting is posted below for your viewing (or listening) pleasure.

Questions? Contact:
Karen Alley  |  MACo Associate General Counsel  |  |  (406) 449-4360