Published December 16, 2019

Loss exposures associated with the operation of container sites, landfills and transfer stations are significant. Liability losses (3rd party claims) suffered by MACo member entities have exceeded $1.5 million between July 1, 1995 and April 18, 2018.  Total incurred Workers Compensation costs for this period exceed $100K, including one employee death.

To address this issue, a working group was established to identify liability and workers compensation exposures that most refuse operations have in common and then develop recommended loss control guidelines that will assist in reducing risks. Through these efforts MACo has developed the Refuse Operations Loss Control Guidelines available by clicking here or the button below. In summary, the guidelines include four identified areas:

  1. Physical barriers to prevent people from falling from an exposed edge to a lower level (for example, into an open pit or container).
  2. Physical restraints to keep vehicles at a safe distance from the exposed edge of the off-loading platform where waste is dropped into a container or pit.
  3. Public Education.

MACo encourages its members to fully incorporate the recommendations contained in this document into the design of all new refuse collection and disposal sites. For existing sites that do not conform to these guidelines, members are encouraged to make reasonable efforts to develop and implement strategies to implement the recommendations in this document, taking into consideration resource constraints and the unique needs and challenges of each individual member.

Questions or comments on the Guidelines should be directed to Doug Ardary, MACo Senior Loss Control Specialist, at 406-449-4370.

Doug Ardary  |  MACo WCT/PCT Senior Loss Control Specialist  |  (406) 449-4370  ||