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Volume 26, Issue 1
Published January 4, 2021

We hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. Unfortunately, it’s time to take down the twinkle lights, wreaths, and trees and jump into the legislative season (session)!  The 67th Legislative Session kicked off today, January 4th at noon, with the House and Senate convening in the their respective chambers.

To help keep you apprised of what’s happening on the hill, we will be releasing a new issue of the MACo Legislative Update weekly until Sine Die.

This first issue features the session calendar, the bill hearings scheduled thus far, and information about lobbying virtually as well as reporting requirements. Don’t forget to check out the bills section. We always include the status of MACo’s legislation, but keep your eyes peeled for the next issue later this week, which will include a growing list of the legislation in which we are watching and actively participating.

For other pertinent information regarding the legislative session, check out the policy section of our website.

See you either virtually via the internet highway or in the halls!

(The Legislative Update is linked below.)
Questions? We Got you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Eric Bryson, MACo Executive Director:  406-461-2084,

Jason Rittal, MACo Deputy Director:  406- 698-3255,

Shantil Siaperas, MACo Communications Director:  406-925-1134,