Volume 25, Issue 15

Week 14 of the 66th Legislative Session has officially come to a close, with HB 773 (Modifying entitlement share payments) being defeated on the Senate Floor, 12-38, and then indefinitely postponed, 46-4 (be sure to contact your Senators and thank them for voting NO on HB 773).

With Sine Die looming, House Bill 2 (General Appropriations Act) has transmitted back to the House but is still pending action.  Until then, we will continue to monitor companion bills for HB 2 (which are currently awaiting Executive Action in the Senate Finance & Claims Committee).

To help keep you apprised of what’s happening on the hill, we will be to releasing a new issue of the MACo Legislative Update weekly.

This week’s issue features the session calendar, as well as the bill hearings scheduled thus far for April 15th – 19th, and the schedule is highlighted with MACo’s priorities. Don’t forget to check out the bills section; we’ve listed MACo bills as well as bills we were watching—the MACo bills, as well as various other bills, include some additional information to better inform our readers.

For other pertinent information regarding the legislative session, check out the policy section of our website.

See you on the hill and in the halls!

(The Legislative Update is linked below.)