Published May 13, 2020

Given these unprecedented times, and after MUCH discussion, we have come to the difficult decision that this year’s district meetings will be virtual as opposed to in-person. The annual trip around Montana is something we very much look forward to—it’s a true pleasure to be able to see the different areas of Montana and your respective beautiful communities. However, given the current situation, we can’t justify bringing together large numbers of people in confined areas, nor putting MACo members in the difficult situation of choosing whether or not to attend.

Having said that, MACo is utilizing the Zoom platform, which allows people to interact via the computer or call in through a conference line, so the districts can still convene and conduct necessary business. We will host each meeting and manage the technicalities, so members can focus on the content and interacting.

We are aware that no one wants to participate in Zoom meeting or conference call that extends past two hours, so the afternoon human resources training that MACo General Counsel, McKenzie McCarthy, was scheduled to conduct will be postponed, and meeting agendas will be shortened to cover only the necessary business of each district that the MACo bylaws require: election of chair/vice chair, opening nominations for MACo officers, and gathering of resolutions for the membership meeting in September. Districts may also of course share important updates and discuss anything deemed necessary.  All meetings are scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

Resolutions are the precursor to legislation if adopted by the membership during the MACo Annual Conference in September. If your county wishes to bring a resolution forward for the membership’s consideration this year, it should be submitted during the upcoming district meetings in its complete and correct format.  Please utilize the Resolution/Legislative Guidelines & Model Resolution linked here in the drafting of any resolutions to ensure proper form as well as sponsorship responsibilities.

Our next in-person district meetings will be held at the host locations that volunteered last Spring (Shelby, Sidney, Hardin, Livingston, and Hamilton), and we can’t wait to visit your communities!

The previously-announced dates still stand for the upcoming meetings:

  1. Monday, June 22nd:  Districts 4 & 5
  2. Tuesday, June 23rd:  Districts 1, 2 & 3
  3. Wednesday, June 24th:  Districts 6 & 7
  4. Thursday, June 25th:  Districts 8, 9 & 12
  5. Friday, June 26th:  Districts 10 & 11
Shantil Siaperas  |  MACo Communications Director |  |  (406) 449-4360